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Q. What is a doctor of audiology?
A. Doctors of audiology are the only hearing professionals trained specifically to measure hearing loss and rehabilitate the hearing impaired. In addition to conducting tests and providing hearing aid services, doctors of audiology help people adjust to hearing loss, train on the use of hearing instruments, and teach communication strategies.

Q. What are some symptoms of ear disorders that would prompt me to see an audiologist?
A. Some people experience occasional or constant ringing or popping in their ears as well as the sensation of their ears feeling full or blocked. Vertigo, imbalance, or dizziness may also indicate an ear disorder. Any hearing loss, whether sudden, long-standing, or asymmetric, should be further evaluated. Other symptoms may include difficulty communicating in one-on-one situations or frequent ear infections.

Q. What causes hearing disorders?
A. Hearing disorders can result from a variety of causes, including trauma at birth, viral infections, genetic disorders, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, or aging.

Q. What are signs of hearing loss in children?
A. You may want to have your child’s hearing tested if they exhibit any of the following:

  • Monotonous, non-progressing baby talk
  • Difficulty locating sounds
  • Not startled by loud sounds
  • Delayed ability to produce and understand language for his or her age
  • Daydreaming or withdrawal in social situations
  • Frequent ear infections

Q. Why is it important to seek treatment for hearing problems?
A. For everyone, studies have shown that untreated hearing loss can lead to anxiety, depression, frustration, and feelings of isolation. With children, hearing problems can cause difficulties with language development. 

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